Fresh Mushrooms

for Consumers


South Mill Champs mushrooms are the perfect addition to any dish! These savory, umami-rich kitchen staples bring the flavor to any home-cooked dish without adding significant calories, fat, cholesterol, or sodium, not to mention they are easy on the planet – we like to call this the Trifecta of Goodness.

Trifecta of


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Mushrooms are the ultimate source of umami flavor, meaning they taste great in just about any meal. Their savory flavor and meaty texture enhance other foods and help to counterbalance saltiness. No matter how you serve them in your home, mushrooms make a meal.

Great for You

Mushrooms are a healthy food. They have a long list of essential nutrients that make them a great food choice. They are also low in calories, fat-free and gluten-free.

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Gentle on the Planet

Our safe and responsible production methods, like actively upcycling ingredients, allow us to grow and produce wholesome mushroom products for consumers, foodservice and retail, while being mindful to try to limit potential negative impacts on our community.

Why Choose


South Mill Champs began four generations ago in 1932 when Louie Pia, an Italian immigrant, began operating a small mushroom farm in southeastern Chester County, Pennsylvania. While we may have grown over the years, authenticity is still at the heart of everything we do. We farm the straw used in our substrate, hand-pick our mushrooms with attention and care, and carefully deliver them to retailers and restaurants across North America, ready for your plate.

We responsibly grow our mushrooms through upcycling. Our mission is to nourish the planet sustainably by providing North Americans with great tasting, good-for-you mushrooms.

Where to Buy

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Mushroom Recipes

There are a magnitude of ways to incorporate mushrooms into meals that the whole family will love. Make a frittata for breakfast. Fold them into a sandwich for lunch. Serve savory mushroom pasta for dinner. The possibilities are endless!