South Mill Champs

Company History

We’ve Spent 90 Years Growing

South Mill Champs began four generations ago in 1932 when Louie Pia, an Italian immigrant, began operating a small mushroom farm in southeastern Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Since then, we have continued to expand and grow in the mushroom industry ⁠— acquiring new farms, building new facilities equipped with the latest technology, and extending our distribution network ⁠— in an effort to become one of the largest, most trusted mushroom growers in North America.

Today, South Mill Champs proudly supplies over 140 million pounds of fresh, frozen, and minimally processed mushrooms throughout North America. We continue to offer unparalleled service to regional retail, foodservice, wholesale and processing customers providing high quality mushrooms quickly and efficiently.

Our mission is to nourish the planet sustainably by providing the North American market with responsibly grown, great tasting, good-for-you mushrooms.

Looking To

The Future of Farming

South Mill is constantly adapting to become more than just a leading supplier of high-quality fresh mushrooms and mushroom products. Our expanding logistics services, cold and frozen storage services, freezing and processing offerings, and our ever-growing portfolio of food products provide our customers with a wide variety of options. Learn more about how we are continuing to innovate to serve you better.

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At South Mill Champs, we are always looking to lend a helping hand. We engage in a wide range of community initiatives that help to create change, improve our local neighborhoods, and support those living and working in our local communities.

Whether it’s donating South Mill Champs mushrooms to the local food cupboard, sharing our mushroom compost with school gardening programs, or collecting clothing donations for the local women’s support network, we are glad to help.

If you would like us involved in your community initiative, please contact us. After all, there is mushroom in our hearts for you.

Our Non-Profit:

The Planted Path

We are making an effort to focus on education in agriculture within schools and colleges across North America.

More information on this initiative is coming soon.