Responsibly Grown


Authenticity in Every Bite

We are dedicated to continuous improvements in our sustainable growing practices. Our safe and responsible production methods allow us to grow and produce wholesome mushroom products for consumers, foodservice and retail, while being mindful to try to limit potential negative impacts on our community.

Here’s how our mushrooms are responsibly grown, from start to finish.

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Healthy Growing Medium

A healthy growing environment is essential for a successful mushroom crop. We prepare our growing mediums indoors, upcycling by-products from other agricultural sectors, like wheat, straw, hay, stable bedding, poultry litter, gypsum, and corncobs. It’s efficient, environmentally friendly, and contributes to sustainable growing.

Optimal Mushroom Growing Environment

Mushrooms are grown indoors, which means we need to replicate the optimal growing environment found in nature. This level of care and control allows us to monitor energy and minimize water usage, all in an effort to reduce the impact our mushroom farming has on the environment.

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Upcycling and Waste Reduction

Upcycling and keeping waste out of landfills results in cleaner land, air, and water. We recycle most of our waste streams such as mushroom roots, cardboard and paper, waste oils, and wastewater. The majority of our used growing medium is reused by local farmers who use it to replenish their land, which can reduce their use of fertilizers.

Water Conservation and Protection

Clean, plentiful water is essential to agriculture and human health. We employ numerous conservation methods to minimize water usage. Where possible, we reuse wastewater in our processes, including millions of gallons each year in the making of our growing medium. Mushroom farming uses less water than many other agricultural methods and farming, mushroom farming methods used for other foods.

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Minimizing the Use of Pesticides

We use organic growing methods over conventional methods whenever possible. Our integrated pest management program entails a targeted approach when conventional inventions are needed. Our emphasis on “Responsibly Grown” underscores our commitment to minimize pesticide usage, as well as its possible risks to consumers, workers, wildlife, and the environment, all while growing sustainable, delicious mushrooms.

Supportive Employment for Farmworkers

We are committed to growing high-quality mushrooms while giving our farmers a rewarding living. Safe farming practices, fair treatment of employees, generous compensation, and mutual respect are at the top of our list of priorities.

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Tour South Mill Champs

Mushroom Farm

We grow the best mushrooms, from start to finish. We farm the straw used in our substrate, harvest our mushrooms with attention and care, and deliver them to retailers and restaurants across North America, ready for your plate. We invite you to tour our state-of-the-art mushroom farming facilities.


Mushroom Growing

We grow USDA-certified organic mushrooms and are dedicated to using responsible growing methods through upcycling.

Our organic mushrooms adhere to growing and production standards, and because we’re certified USDA organic, you can be sure that every step of the process has been carefully reviewed and approved by a third party to ensure compliance with USDA National Organic Program’s regulations.

Dedicated to

Food Safety & Traceability

South Mill Champs is dedicated to responsibly handling mushroom products at all times with careful attention to food safety.

As a leader in the mushroom growing industry, we volunteered to be the first mushroom farm in the United States to undergo a USDA-sanctioned Mushroom Good Agricultural Practices (MGAP) audit. The audit was a collaborative initiative of mushroom industry leaders, working in conjunction with the USDA, to create the most comprehensive food safety standards in the history of the mushroom industry.

In addition, tracking codes are applied to each package of mushrooms shipped from South Mill Champs’ facilities, which allows identification of harvest site, process, and facility. These tracking codes enable South Mill Champs to maintain food safety and traceability by following all products from their origins through the distribution channels to their final destinations.

Food Safety, Traceability and Certifications