Our processed mushroom products are brought to you by:

The Mushroom Company

part of the South Mill Champs family.

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Individually Quick Frozen Mushrooms

From whole and diced to seasoned and roasted, The Mushroom Company can deliver the size and quantity you are looking for. And because our highly reliable freezing process locks in the delicate characteristics of the freshly harvested mushroom with virtually no loss in flavor, aroma, color, texture or nutritional value.

Frozen Mushroom Sauces

The Mushroom Company customizes our mushroom sauces to your specifications. Pack size, flavor, consistency and texture, all customized to meet your expectations. We only use fresh mushrooms in our sauces to ensure an authentic mushroom flavor and texture.

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Refrigerated Mushrooms

Our quick blanching process retains the freshness, lending to a product that is firm, while and fresh tasting. Available in whole, sliced or diced to meet your specific needs. Kept refrigerated and sealed, they have a shelf life of 120 days.

Shelf Stable Mushrooms

At The Mushroom Company, we believe processed mushrooms should not be seen as a second option, but rather an alternative to fresh. Our continued improvements in our processing controls ensure our canned and pouched mushrooms are superior in taste, texture, uniformity of size, symmetry and color.

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Saucy Mushrooms

Our umami-rich Saucy Mushrooms are a convenient way to add a serving of vegetables to your meal and amp up the taste of any home-cooked recipe. The easy-to-use microwavable pouches are filled with North American-grown sliced mushrooms in a delicious, savory sauce.


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