South Mill Champs Mushrooms

South Mill Champs offers a variety of mushroom products for both consumers and wholesale partners. From fresh mushrooms to mushroom coffee, we have a wholesome and delicious mushroom products available at a store near you.

Where to Buy

Champs Fresh Mushrooms

Consumers can find our high quality, fresh mushrooms at the following retail stores.

Where to Buy

The Mushroom Company Products

Find our heat-and-serve entree side dishes at the following retail stores.

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Meal Kits

Consumers can ensure they’re cooking with fresh South Mill Champs mushrooms when they order from these meal kit services.

Where to Buy


The following wholesale companies service regional retail stores.

Where to Buy


Our mushrooms can be ordered through these foodservice providers.
Mushrooms being sliced by an industrial machine in a food processing factory


Supplying the top product manufacturers with high-quality industrial and processed mushroom products.

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Looking to buy our mushroom products online? You’re in the right place! Visit our website store and start shopping for healthy, delicious mushroom products.


Mushroom Partnerships

For our existing partners, SHROOMS wholesale purchases can be made through Kehe and Unfi.

Looking to Become a

Wholesale Mushroom Partner?

Visit our Partnerships page and reach out to one of our qualified sales team members.