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Quality has always been at the forefront of our mushroom growing efforts, which is why in early 2021, South Mill Champs partnered with The Mushroom Company, a processing facility in Cambridge, Maryland. The Mushroom Company’s uncompromising fresh product quality and strict processing procedures combine to ensure that our commercially grown mushrooms rival the freshly picked ones in flavor, texture, and color.

North America’s Largest Processor of Commercially Grown Mushrooms

Harvested at the peak of freshness, mushrooms have been our specialty since 1931. From canned, refrigerated, frozen, roasted, organic and Kosher to seasoned, enrobed and sauced, The Mushroom Company has mushrooms to satisfy every manufacturing process and recipe requirement.

Whether you are looking for standardized cut and packed items, customized mushroom products, private label solutions, in-house product development, or even processing and co-packing of other food items, we have the capacity to handle your every request.

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Our Mushroom

Retail Products

Saucy Mushrooms

Saucy Mushrooms come in three delicious flavors: Garlic Herb, Onion Au Jus, and Marsala. All flavors are low-carb and low-sugar, and contains between 440 – 460 mg of potatssium per serving. Quick, easy and flavorful, our Saucy Mushrooms go straight from frozen to a fresh and tasty side dish in under five minutes.

Minute Mushrooms

With over one daily serving of veggies in every bag, Minute Mushrooms are a convenient way to add vegetables to your meal and amp up the taste of any recipe. These heat-and-serve bags take only one minute in the microwave. All flavors are vegetarian, low carb, low sugar, and have potassium.

Baked Mushroom Chips

Our Baked Mushroom Chips are made from fresh mushrooms! A crunchy and savory chip with a hit of salty goodness. We use freshly picked mushrooms to make delicious, crispy plant-based chips.

Our Mushroom

Products and Services

The Mushroom Company offers a broad variety of frozen mushrooms and can modify product style, packaging and processing to meet your specifications.

Canned mushrooms have been a mainstay in foodservice and food manufacturing operations for years. The Mushroom Company has a unique advantage – canning mushrooms harvested at the peak of freshness. Clients know they are getting the highest quality and most flavorful mushrooms available.

Quick blanched refrigerated mushrooms are ready to use in any dish, perfect for pizzas and sauces or any special recipe. The quick blanching process extends mushrooms’ shelf life (up to 120 days) and retains freshness, maintaining a product that is firm, color stable and fresh tasting as well as convenient and time saving.

Made with fresh mushrooms, our frozen mushroom sauces capture all the flavor without overcooking. In addition, you save on the time and labor associated with back-of-house preparation from raw ingredients, ensuring a consistent finished product that is ideal for LTOs or quick service restaurants. Just prep, serve and enjoy.

Our fire roaster allows us to offer an expanded line of finished foods. Fire-roasted mushrooms provide a unique flavor profile and tap into a rapidly developing trend among chefs and food manufacturers. Contact us to learn more about our IQF roasting capabilities.

The Mushroom Company offers a variety of seasoned and enrobed mushroom products that add convenience and flavor to your recipe preparations. Contact us to learn more about our seasoned and enrobed mushroom products.

Our heat-and-serve shelf stable pouched mushrooms are a quick and convenient time-saving solution for foodservice and quick service restaurant customers. We use fresh mushrooms in shelf stable pouches to ensure authentic mushroom flavor and texture.

The Mushroom Company understands that successful recipes frequently call for specialty ingredients. We offer a wide variety of mushrooms including portabella, crimini, shiitake, and oyster. Contact us for more information about our specialty mushrooms, or to discuss specifications for a customized order.

The Mushroom Company offers organic mushrooms grown and processed in accordance with our unwavering commitment to quality and the USDA Organic Certification Program. Our organic mushrooms are available in a variety of products, cuts, and pack sizes.

Continuing our commitment to quality and excellence, we at The Mushroom Company are able to provide you with kosher mushrooms for this growing mainstream consumer base.

At The Mushroom Company, we understand and appreciate the value your brand means to your customers – that’s why we offer a wide range of mushroom products that extend brand impact and enjoyment.

We have the capacity in our facility to efficiently and seamlessly formulate and co-pack your products. Contact us to learn more about our co-packing and blending capabilities.

Picked and frozen at the peak of freshness, we process, blend, and package a variety of mushroom and vegetable blends year-round. Our IQF mushroom blends are fully customizable, easy to use, and flavorful. Contact us to learn more about our IQF mushroom blends.

The Mushroom Company has state-of-the-art facilities and expertise to customize your mushroom order to match exact recipe formulations and manufacturing standards. Whether you need frozen, refrigerated, canned, sauced, or other culinary preparations, our specialized research and product development teams can deliver. Contact us for customized processed mushroom products.

A senior food technologist mushroom specialist is on staff to work with you to find the perfect mushroom and flavor for your application. Our flexibility across our lines allows us to offer custom cut size, pack size, and flavor profiles. We make every effort to accommodate your needs.

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Mushroom Processing Facilities

Whether you are looking for standardized cut and packed items, customized mushroom products, private label solutions or co-packing other food items, we have the capacity to handle your every request. Take a tour of our state-of-the-art processing facilities.

Food Safety Certifications

We at The Mushroom Company realize that our 90-year history of farming and processing mushrooms is the result of satisfied customers, and customer satisfaction remains the primary focus of the people at The Mushroom Company.


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