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Founded in 1932 on the banks of the Red River in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Loveday Mushroom Farms is Canada’s oldest continuous grower of mushrooms. Surviving the Great Depression, fierce flooding, and keen competition, our commitment and perseverance allowed us to become one of Canada’s leading mushroom suppliers.

As a pioneer of Canada’s thriving mushroom industry, we’ve become an industry leader in utilizing advanced growing technology and state-of-the-art production techniques to supply premium fresh mushrooms – white, crimini, oyster, portabella, shiitake, and enoki – to grocery stores, fine restaurants, and foodservice sites in central and western Canada.

The First Mushroom Grower in Canada to be HACCP-Certified

Loveday Mushroom Farms is an advocate of good agricultural practices that ensure the highest standards of food safety and quality. Our 7,920 square-foot indoor Phase II composting facility allows us to shorten composting cycles and virtually eliminate anaerobic conditions, resulting in greater control of process odors. We were the first mushroom grower in Canada to be HACCP-certified and we maintain our food safety certification through the Guelph Food Technology Centre, allowing us to provide mushrooms that are great tasting, good for you, and responsibly grown through upcycling.

Seventy-five years after Fred Loveday established production at the riverbank mushroom farm, the fourth-generation family operation continues to grow and distribute high-quality mushrooms. As Canada’s oldest continuous producer of mushrooms, Loveday now yields more than 6 million pounds of mushrooms annually from planted space of more than one million square feet. Today, Loveday Mushroom Farms’ workers pick as many mushrooms before 9:00 a.m. as the company did during its entire founding year in 1932.

The History of

Loveday Mushroom Farms


Fred Loveday is contracted to build a mushroom farm on Marion Street in St. Boniface. The farm ownership is transferred to Fred when the owners default on payment.


Fred launches his mushroom growing business as Manitoba Mushroom Growers. Fred’s son, Bert, joins the business to help run the farm.


Manitoba Mushroom Growers marks its first official year of operation.


The mushroom farm outgrows its Marion Street property location so a larger agricultural facility is purchased on Mission Street in the north St. Boniface industrial area.


Bert’s son Fred joins the company and a cannery is established. Mushrooms are packaged and sold under the “Morning Fresh” brand.


Bert's son, Fred, takes over as general manager at the age of 24.


Manitoba Mushroom Growers expands to Calgary, Alberta. The corporate name is changed to Loveday Mushroom Farms.


Fred’s experience visiting British mushroom farms leads him to convert Loveday Mushroom Farms from shelves to trays to take advantage of mechanization and labor savings and to switch from topsoil to peat moss as casing material.


Fred’s son, Burton, joins the business.


To boost composting capabilities, Loveday switches to bulk Phase II production.


A pre-wet machine is installed, resulting in a 20% increase in mushroom production. Fred retires and Burton assumes leadership of the business.


The farm doubles its Phase II production capacity.


The company invests $1 million to switch to bunker Phase I production. The shorter composting cycles virtually eliminate anaerobic conditions that cause odors. The construction is completed in 2004.


Loveday Mushroom Farms begins its partnership with South Mill Champs, one of North America's largest growers and suppliers of fresh mushrooms and mushroom products.

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Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, Loveday Mushroom Farms is an enduring example of pioneering vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and inspired leadership. Come tour our advanced growing facilities.

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