Our purpose is to responsibly build, operate and grow a controlled environment agriculture business that nourishes North American communities with the mighty mushroom’s Trifecta of Goodness. Mushrooms are inherently gentle on the planet, great-tasting, and provide good-for-you nutrition.



As industry innovators at the forefront of the mushroom-growing industry, we believe in leading by example. We embrace change and are committed to constant improvement in every aspect of our business. Our Core Values ensure we are always delivering our best:

  • We listen and respond quickly to our customers
  • We learn from our experiences
  • We are accountable and transparent in our operations
  • We support diversity and inclusion
  • We produce quality mushroom products, but not at the expense of the environment

Our overall goal is to always be the most innovative, customer-focused mushroom supplier in the industry.​


Strategic Pillars

At South Mill Champs, we hold ourselves to high standards. Our strategic pillars allow us to align our operations, people, community, and environmental practices to ensure we remain conscious of our impact.

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South Mill Champs Corporate Governance

Our customers, partners, and associates instill a great deal of trust in us, which is why good corporate governance is essential and a vital part of our success. Oversight and accountability builds trust and strengthens our relationships, which is why we are highly committed to upholding ethical business practices. We do it for our people, our communities, and the environment.

Respect for our People

We have a responsibility to our team members and their happiness and personal growth. We continually explore new and different ways to meet that responsibility. We have a great deal of respect for our team members as they propel our innovative visions, allowing us to achieve success.

We break down barriers that prevent our people from reaching their full potential. We offer on-site citizenship classes, English as a second language courses, physical and mental health initiatives, health screenings, flu and other vaccinations, banking advice, upgrade programs for various skilled trades and many other services.

Diversity and inclusion are embraced as we strive to support all our people regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Today, South Mill Champs employs over 2,000 individuals from many backgrounds and countries.

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South Mill Champs Community Involvement

We are always looking to lend a helping hand. Involvement in our community is essential to building trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with residents and businesses in the areas we farm. Our wide range of community initiatives create change, improve neighborhoods, and support individuals and their families. When our communities thrive, we thrive.

Responsible Mushroom Farming Initiatives

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our dedication to continuous improvements in our sustainable growing practices allows us to grow a food that requires less water, electricity, and space than many other crops. We are actively working to find ways to cut emissions, reduce water usage, and upcycle agricultural by-products allowing us to grow and produce wholesome mushroom products for consumers, foodservice, and retail, with fewer negative impacts on our environment.

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