Distribution Centers

With eight distribution centers strategically located across North America – Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Sacramento, Winter Haven and New Orleans – South Mill Champs is well-positioned to complete fast and efficient deliveries to an increased number of communities. From our humble beginnings as a family-owned mushroom farm in Pennsylvania to a national-level distributor, South Mill Champs has steadily added the infrastructure and technology necessary to scale our industry-leading products and services for foodservice and retail markets.

Each South Mill Champs distribution center enjoys a fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles, reliable third-party transportation professionals, and the ability to provide customized wrapping and labeling for select clients. South Mill Champs possesses the regional facilities and advanced logistics to complete on-time deliveries of fresh, sought-after mushroom varieties and other seasonal produce.

Our Distributors are

Located Across the United States

As the leading vertically integrated mushroom company positioned to benefit from the growing consumer awareness of the superfood benefits of mushrooms, we believe that our reputation for excellence is put to the test with every delivery.

Our mission is to nourish the planet sustainably by providing the North American market with responsibly grown, great tasting, good-for-you mushrooms.

Contact our Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Winter Haven or New Orleans distribution centers for more information.

Atlanta Distribution Center

16 Forest Parkway
Forest Park, GA 30297
T: 404.363.0009
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Dallas Distribution Center

1811 South Harwood Street
Dallas, TX 75215
T: 214.760.9801
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Houston Distribution Center

2701 Porter Street
Houston, TX 77026
T: 713.928.6367
Directions >

Indianapolis Distribution Center

1825 Stout Field Terrace
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Dock Door 36
T: 317.643.4971
Directions >

Los Angeles Distribution Center

13260 Daum Drive
City Of Industry, CA 91746
T: 909.239.2304
Directions >

New Orleans Distribution Center

664 Time Saver Avenue
Harahan, LA 70123
T: 504.733.7275
Directions >

Sacramento Distribution Center

970 Riverside Parkway, Suite 70
West Sacramento, CA 95605
T: 610.444.4800
Directions >

Winter Haven Distribution Center

1900 5th St NW
Winter Haven, FL 33881
T: 863.877.1213
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Why Work with


At South Mill Champs, we are keenly aware we have earned a reputation for excellence by working with community businesses and private organizations since 1932. Although the family business has grown to supply the country with more than 140 million pounds of delicious mushrooms annually, we remain committed to providing individualized service to our industry partners, that includes the following:

  • Custom Packaging:
    We offer our valued customers the individualized packaging necessary to further your business interests.
  • Custom Wrapping:
    We tailor our wrapping processes to fit your storage and presentation needs.
  • Place Packs:
    Our customer-first philosophy is backed by crafting place packs best suited for retail displays and other settings.
  • Private Labeling:
    We provide individualized labeling that supports and furthers your brand.
  • Customer Daily Deliveries:
    Our regional mushroom and produce distribution centers allow us to keep the supply chain open and your business stocked.  
  • Refrigerated Transportation Fleet:
    Our in-house fleet of refrigerated vehicles and third-party professionals ensure deliveries arrive on time and as needed.
  • Longer Shelf Life:
    Because South Mill Champs manages the entire process, our customers gain the satisfaction of enjoying the freshest mushrooms and produce possible on a daily basis.  
  • Less Shrink for Customers:
    By ensuring our customers have access to the freshest mushrooms possible, you receive only the most robust and superior products.