Winter Haven Distribution Center

Your Reliable Source for Premium Fresh Produce

South Mill Champs’ Winter Haven Distribution Center is strategically positioned to be your reliable source for premium fresh produce in Florida. Covering 18,000 square feet, our facility houses an expansive 15,000 square-foot cooler, ensuring optimal storage conditions for our diverse range of mushrooms and other top-quality produce.

Our dedicated team ensures that every facet of your order is handled with accuracy, from processing to delivery.

What Makes Our Distribution Center Different

Our Winter Haven Distribution Center is renowned for its commitment to quality. We go beyond offering fresh mushrooms, delivering a diverse range of high-quality produce.
✔ Daily Dock-to-Dock Deliveries to all of Florida
We ensure timely and reliable delivery, bringing fresh produce directly to your doorstep daily.
✔ Custom Packing and Processing of Mushrooms
Tailored to your specifications, our custom packing and processing services meet the unique needs of your business.
✔ Ensure Cold-Chain Integrity
Our commitment to maintaining the cold chain ensures the freshness and quality of our products throughout the entire distribution process.
✔ Wholesale Mushroom and Produce
As your comprehensive source for wholesale produce, we offer a diverse selection of mushrooms and other fresh products.
✔ Use of Cutting-Edge Technology
We leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline our operations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every order.
✔ No Membership Fees, Purchase Minimums, or Long-Term Contracts
South Mill Champs values flexibility. Enjoy the freedom of ordering without constraints – no membership fees, no purchase minimums, and no long-term contracts.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of fresh produce products for you to choose from, all meeting or exceeding our standard for quality.
White Mushrooms
Crimini Mushrooms

Full Product Offering


Garlic from a distribution center

Peeled and whole Garlic


Fresh Herbs




Shallots from a distribution center

Peeled and whole Shallots

Kiwis from a distribution center


Sun Dried Tomatoes


Red and White Pearl Onions


Who We Serve

Our distribution center caters to the entire state of Florida, covering Orlando, Tampa, South Florida, Central Florida, and soon to service Jacksonville. Our clientele includes:
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants and Chefs
  • Institutions (Schools, Hospitals, etc)
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Food Manufacturers
  • National Account Operators
  • Redistributors
  • Food Meal Kits

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How to Order

We make ordering easy. Contact us by phone, text, or email to discuss your requirements. Our responsive team is ready to facilitate your order and ensure timely delivery.

Facility Food Safety Certifications

Our Winter Haven Distribution Center adheres to the highest food safety standards. We prioritize the well-being of our customers by maintaining rigorous quality control measures and upholding industry certifications.

Meet the Team

Reach out to our key personnel for personalized assistance and let us make your fresh produce experience quick and easy.

Brian L Bowen

South Mill Champs – Florida


Hilda Lopez

South Mill Champs – Florida


Hannah Bowen

South Mill Champs – Florida

Mackenzie Bowen

South Mill Champs – Florida

Connect With Us


1900 5th St NW Winter Haven, FL 33881

Contact us:

T: 678-603-6282
E: [email protected]


Office Hours:
7:00 am to 3:00 pm

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