Frozen Mushrooms

Mushrooms are our specialty. Let us tailor our frozen mushrooms to your needs.

IQF frozen mushrooms also have the lowest cost per pound of any processed mushroom. Their low cost and high-perceived value keep your costs down and image up. From whole to diced frozen mushrooms, The Mushroom Company can deliver the size and quantity you are looking for. And because our highly reliable freezing process locks in the delicate characteristics of the freshly harvested mushrooms there is virtually no loss in flavor, aroma, color, texture or nutritional value.

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Blanched Frozen Mushrooms

The Mushroom Company’s blanched frozen mushrooms are cooked prior to the freezing process, which removes some of the moisture and deactivates the enzymes allowing for greater color stability. These two advantages normally associated with canned mushrooms are present in blanched frozen mushrooms without the inconvenience of opening and discarding the can.

Roasted Frozen Mushrooms

Our, fresh from the farm, mushrooms are fire roasted to perfection over an open flame and then immediately frozen to lock in the color and flavor. This gives the mushrooms a superior charred appearance and roasted flavor. Custom flavor roasting with smoke or seasoning is available from The Mushroom Company.

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Why Choose

Individually Quick Frozen Mushrooms

Up to 24-month shelf life
Easy to use and portion
Variety of formats and sizes available
No preservatives are used in our mushroom freezing process
Our IQF process maintains the shape, texture, and taste of our mushrooms

Available Frozen

Mushroom Formats

  • IQF
  • Roasted IQF
  • Sauces
  • Seasoned
  • Enrobed
  • Blanched IQF
  • IQF Blends

Our Processed Frozen


Whole Frozen Mushrooms
Sliced Frozen Mushrooms
Sliced Roasted Portabella Frozen Mushrooms
Pizza Diced Frozen Mushrooms
Diced Frozen Mushroom Pieces
Frozen Portabella Pieces
Diced Frozen Mushrooms
⅜ Diced Frozen Mushrooms
Sliced Crimini Frozen Mushrooms
Sliced Shiitake Frozen Mushrooms

Frozen Mushroom Specifications

WholeCaps & StemSautéing, Breading, Vegetable Blends
1, 2, 3 – Random Slice1, 2, 3 – Random SliceSauces, Soups, Entrées, Vegetable Blends
Random Slice3/16” Slice Thickness and 3⁄4” – 2 1⁄4” Cap DiameterSauces, Soups, Entrées, Vegetable Blends
3/8” Diced3/8” x 3/8” x 3/8” CubeSauces, Soups, Pizza
Pizza Diced3/16” x ¾” x 1” Cut SizePizza
Value AddedRoasted, Seasoned & EnrobedSauces, Soups, Pizza, Burger Toppings, Entrées, Vegetable blends

IQF products are available in 4 oz. to 3 lb. bags, 20, 30 and 40 lb. boxes or 1,000 lb. totes. Varieties available include white, crimini, portabella, shiitake, and organic. Custom cuts are available, please contact The Mushroom Company for more information.


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