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Embracing Tradition: South Mill Champs at the 38th Annual Mushroom Festival

September is National Mushroom Month, and we are eagerly preparing to take part in the 38th Annual Mushroom Festival in the heart of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. And let us assure you, we’re not just attending – we’re bringing with us an experience that spans nearly a century.

For a remarkable 90 years, South Mill Champs has been deeply rooted in the Kennett Square area, cultivating and perfecting the art of mushroom farming. Our dedication to this community runs deep and it’s a legacy we’re incredibly proud of.

What is The Mushroom Festival

The Mushroom Festival is more than just an event; it’s a cherished tradition that brings together friends, families, and fellow mushroom enthusiasts from near and far. For our community, it’s a time of togetherness, celebration, and of course, a shared love for all things mushroom.

As longtime residents and supporters of Kennett Square, this festival holds a special place in our hearts. Year after year, South Mill Champs stands as a steadfast pillar of support for this remarkable event, showcasing our commitment to the mushroom community.

Mark your calendars for September 9th and 10th and meet us at Booth #45 where you can explore our array of delightful products, from mushroom coffee to our new Lion’s Mane Mushroom Dietary Supplement Gummy.

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Elevate your coffee routine with the benefits of mushrooms with The Mushroom Company’s SHROOMS mushroom coffee. Whether we’re at home, work, the gym, school, or traveling, our SHROOMS Coffee Blends are a reliable and convenient way to fuel your productive day.

SHROOMS Mushroom Coffee packaging in reshi, cordyceps, and lion's mane mushroom flavors

Our mushroom coffee isn’t just for mushroom lovers. Try our Routine Altering mushroom coffee in your everyday routine – sip and enjoy.

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We are excited to be launching our new Lion’s Mane Mushroom Dietary Supplement Gummy in Tart Cherry flavor. Each gummy contains 2000 mg of lion’s mane extract, perfect for adding to your daily supplement routine!

The festival promises a host of family-friendly activities, from the Amateur Cook-Off Contest to the Fried Mushroom Eating Contest. And don’t forget to bid on some stunning canvas paintings at the Silent Auction. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this fungi-filled experience!

See you at the festival!