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South Mill Champs to Attend 36th Annual Mushroom Festival

South Mill Champs is excited to announce that SHROOMS Snacks will be a participating vendor at the 36th Annual Mushroom Festival! The festival will be held in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 11th and Sunday, September 12th where you’ll have the chance to try our premium mushroom products.

Come Out and Celebrate the Kennett Square Mushroom Community

The Mushroom Festival is an event that celebrates the Kennett Square mushroom community by bringing together mushroom vendors to showcase their delicious mushroom products to festival-goers from across the nation. It’s a family-friendly event that includes fun activities such as an Amateur Cook-Off Contest, Mushroom Growers’ Exhibit, Fried Mushroom Eating Contest, Canvas Paintings Silent Auction, and more!

Meet Our Team & Sample SHROOMS Mushroom Snacks and Coffee to Complete Your Day

Visit our booth to meet the South Mill Champs team and try our SHROOMS Mushroom Iced Coffee. Available in three flavors, these instant coffee blends are made from superfood mushrooms and USDA-certified organic Arabica coffee. They are also dairy-free, and gluten-free, Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Whole30 friendly.

BE WELL Mushroom Coffee: Reishi + Instant Coffee

Our BE WELL coffee is made from Organic Arabica coffee and 125 mg of Reishi extract. This functional coffee can give you the boost you need to live a wellness-focused life. Simply heat 7oz of water and add stir 1 packet of SHROOMS Reishi + Coffee blend — sip, be well, enjoy.

ENERGIZE Mushroom Coffee: Cordyceps + Coffee

Our ENERGIZE coffee contains 185mg of Cordyceps extract that supply 40mg of Beta Glucan that help increase your energy and may support the immune system. Filled to the brim with energy-boosting goodness and nothing else – no fillers, no starches, just a pure cup of coffee.

FOCUS Mushroom Coffee: Lion’s Mane + Instant Coffee

Our FOCUS coffee contains 217 mg of Lion’s Mane Extract and 40mg of Beta Glucan. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are also known for promoting focus, creativity, and productivity – providing a natural lift so you can focus on finishing your day.

Come spend the day with the mushroom community to learn more about how mushrooms are grown and to support your local mushroom farmers and businesses. Tickets for the festival are $5/person and can be purchased on the Mushroom Festival website.

See you there!

About South Mill Champs

Established in 1932, South Mill Champs is a distributor and supplier of both fresh and dried mushroom products throughout North America. Supplying over 110 million pounds annually of fresh, frozen, and minimally-processed mushrooms, South Mill utilizes the latest transportation & technologies to deliver the best tasting, best looking, and best quality mushrooms to your table.