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The Mushroom Company

a division of South Mill Champs

Harvested at the peak of freshness. Mushrooms have been our specialty since 1931. From canned, refrigerated, frozen, organic and Kosher to seasoned, sauteed and sauced, The Mushroom Company has mushrooms to satisfy your every manufacturing process and recipe requirement.

Whether you are looking for standardized cut and packed items, customized mushroom products, private label solutions or even processing and co-packing of other food items, we have the capacity to handle your every request.


Our History

A history of tradition for over 80 years. The Mushroom Company (formerly Mushroom Canning Company) had been part of the history of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the “Mushroom Capital of the World,” for over 70 years.

By the mid 1920’s, Southeastern, Pennsylvania produced 90% of all the mushrooms cultivated in this country. In 1926, a group of growers from the Kennett Square area banded to form an Association. While helping its members to market their mushrooms more efficiently, the Association also made contributions to aid in mushroom research and worked to obtain legislation to protect the domestic mushroom industry.

In order to utilize the surplus of mushrooms during the peak growing seasons, members of the Grower’s Association, in 1931, decided to enter the canning and freezing business. From its inception, it was mandated that the new company would pack only a quality line of mushrooms, under the MGA label, and for over 75 years the original commitment to quality has not wavered.

In 2003, as a result of providing excellent products and customer service The Mushroom Company outgrew the plant in Kennett Square and purchased a new facility in Cambridge, MD. The Cambridge facility being three times the size of Kennett Square allows The Mushroom Company to grow with our customers.

In 2006, we decided to update the name of the company from “Mushroom Canning Company” to “The Mushroom Company” to better reflect and encompass the products that we offer. We wanted everyone to know we are much more than just a canning company.

Our Offering

NEW IQF Roasted
Frozen Mushrooms
Canned Mushrooms
Quick Blanched Refrigerated Mushrooms
Customized Processed Mushrooms
Frozen Mushroom Sauces
Specialty Mushrooms
Sauteed and Seasoned Mushrooms
Organic Mushrooms
Kosher Mushrooms
Private Label

Our Products

Minute Mushrooms

With over one daily serving of veggies in every bag, Minute Mushrooms are a convenient way to add vegetables to your meal and amp up the taste of any recipe.

Delicious marinated mushrooms, made with fresh mushrooms responsibly grown right on our own farm. These heat-and-serve bags take only one minute in the microwave. All flavors are vegetarian, low carb, low sugar, and a great source of potassium.

Garlic Herb

Our heat and serve Garlic Herb Minute Mushrooms are the perfect side dish for your steak, chicken, or burger. Not only that, they can be used as an ingredient in your favorite meals like pasta, salad, soup or casseroles.

Salt & Pepper

Our umami-rich heat and serve Salt & Pepper MinuteMushrooms are the perfect side for your steak, chicken, or burger. Not only that, they can be used as an ingredient in your favorite meals like fajitas, casseroles, pasta and soup.

Steak & Onion

Our flavorful heat and serve Steak & Onion Minute Mushrooms are the quintessential companion for your juicy steak or other grilled meats.

Committed to Quality

Today, as in 1931, quality is still the keyword. All mushrooms used are subjected to repeated inspections as they pass through the plant. Our company and growers continually work with Pennsylvania State University in developing new processing techniques and ways of growing the best mushrooms possible.

The Mushroom Company’s uncompromising fresh product quality and strict processing procedures combine to insure that our mushrooms rival the freshly picked ones in flavor, texture, and color. Mushrooms used in both the canning and freezing operation are subjected to repeated inspections as they pass through the plant. Mushrooms not meeting The Mushroom Company’s high standard for freezing or canning are removed. Mushrooms judged to be ideal are now ready to be prepared to the end-user’s requirement.

Critical control factor checks are conducted throughout the day. Quality checks include can seam teardowns, drained weights, microbiological tests, color, texture, uniformity of size, symmetry and flavor. Only after all tests have been completed and the results certified are the product shipped to the customer.

Primus Labs

Hazard Analysis Critical
Control Point

Global Food Safety Initiative

U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Cambridge, Maryland 21613
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