Employee Spotlight: Barry Davidson

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Photo Credit: The wonderful Ana Mireless


Barry Davidson has been a part of our South Mill Family for the past 28 years! Although Barry was born in West Chester, P.A., his father, Walter, was in the military and the family moved around a lot; they even spent time in Frankfurt, Germany before returning to Pennsylvania. Barry was introduced to South Mill by his father, who was already part of our team. Barry began as a “floater”, helping out wherever he was needed. He then moved to the Billing Department, and finally to Sales where, for a while, he split time between sales & loading trucks. He currently holds the position of “Sales Operations Manager”, where, with the help of his team, manages accounts, coordinates orders, buys produce & exotics, manages inventories, and much more! Barry greatly appreciates that although South Mill is a large company, we are very much a family-oriented one. During his free time, he enjoys having Friday movie/pizza night with his family; playing the guitar; and kickboxing at the local martial arts gym. Thank you for all your years of hard work, Barry!