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Employee Spotlight: Alfonso Bernal


Alfonso Bernal has been a part of our South Mill Family for over 6 years! The oldest of 4 children, Alfonso’s father arranged for him to come to the United States as a resident when he was 19. He began working for us as a Harvester and then quickly moved to supervisor. Most recently, when the opportunity arose to supervise all the Harvesters at our West Grove farm, he and his colleague, Gabriel Duran, accepted the responsibility to jointly do the job. Since Alfonso studied Business Administration in Mexico, he enjoys taking care of the day- to -day administrative aspect of the job – reports, attendance, basket counts, etc… citizen. He lives in an apartment in Kennett Square with his wife and small daughter and is hoping to purchase a home in the near future. Several years ago, he became a citizen. Alfonso likes to watch movies, read, and learn new ideas. He looks forward to future challenges and opportunities at South Mill. Thank you for your hard work, Alfonso.