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ALIVE Program

Recently Kaolin introduced the exciting new ALIVE program.

Created by my wife, Nancy, this program is a series of group activities focused on improving the mind, body and spirit of the hard-working people who make Kaolin the country’s best mushroom company. The program was kicked-off by the vegetable gardens we installed last spring at multiple locations. Interested gardeners grew their own healthy vegetables, while supporting the needy in our community by contributing a portion of their crops to the local food cupboard. We began a walking club where co-workers can exercise, interact and have fun as a group.

We introduced meditation and yoga practices which have been well received. Another big hit has been our nutritional classes where a registered nutritionist presents practical information of how to eat well, and demonstrates how to make healthy and delicious vegetable and fruit shakes. Future activities include expressive art sessions, music appreciation and other activities. We’re trying some of these programs in limited locations to see how well they’re received, but our plan is to eventually make them easily accessible to all employees.

With 1,000 people in 8 physical locations, and many different shifts and work demands, the logistics required to pull-off the ALIVE program are a real challenge, but like every challenge we face, we’ll be successful, and the results will be a healthier, happier and more balanced Kaolin family!

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