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Tips for Cooking with Mushrooms

Widely considered one of the most versatile ingredients in the culinary world, mushrooms are an essential addition for anyone looking to take dinner to the next level. Enjoy our top tips for cooking with mushrooms!

Select High-Quality Mushrooms

When you want mushrooms to take centre stage, select premium quality mushrooms for the best texture and flavor. Choose mushrooms without signs of wilting or discolouration. They should be firm, smooth, and as fresh as possible.

Store Correctly for Peak Freshness

Mushrooms are delicate and can spoil quickly if not stored properly. To maximize freshness, avoid storing them in plastic, which can trap moisture and lead to sliminess.

Instead, prioritize breathability. If your mushrooms arrived in a cardboard or breathable mesh bag, they can remain there for a short fridge stay, or you can transfer them to a brown paper bag. This allows for air circulation, preventing both drying and sliminess. Remember, the ideal environment for mushrooms is cool and crisp, so the refrigerator is their happy place.

Choose the Right Variety

Mushrooms are a diverse food category, and each variety performs well in different dishes. Consider the flavours and textures you want to impart in your final dish. For example, oyster mushrooms make a great meat substitute, while our shiitake mushrooms are our ideal choice for risottos. Learn more about each variety to elevate your cooking to the next level.

No Need to Peel Your Mushrooms

Unlike some vegetables, the skin of a mushroom is perfectly edible and adds flavor. You can dice, chop, or even enjoy them whole for a delightful textural contrast. Just keep in mind that some varieties, like shiitake mushrooms, have a woodier stem. To ensure a more pleasant eating experience for mushrooms like this, simply remove the stem before cooking.

Substitute Mushrooms for Meatless Meals

Mushrooms remain a robust meat substitute without heavy processing or mystery ingredients. Create vegan bacon by seasoning your mushrooms with soy sauce and paprika for an irresistibly smoky flavour or try enoki mushrooms for delicious vegan seafood.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Improper Washing Techniques

According to the FDA, you should wash all produce before preparing and/or eating, including produce grown at home or bought from a grocery store or farmers’ market. To wash mushrooms, it is recommended that after rinsing in cool water, mushrooms should gently dried with a paper towel. Avoid immersing or soaking your mushrooms in water, as your mushrooms can become waterlogged and soggy.


Mushrooms require more heat and time on the stove than many people think, because you need to allow time for all the liquid to evaporate before you can caramelize them to tasty, flavour-packed perfection.

Slicing Too Thin

As a rule, mushrooms should be cut at least ½ inch thick for cooking. Once the liquid evaporates, mushrooms tend to shrink, so the larger size adds texture and body to your final dish. You can even prepare smaller varieties whole, with no chopping required.

Enjoy Premium Quality Mushrooms with South Mill Champs

At South Mill Champs, we have been growing and distributing mushrooms for more than 90 years and supply high-quality fresh, frozen, and minimally processed mushrooms to all of North America. Kick your cooking up a notch today by visiting our mushroom recipes page or contact us for more information on our premium quality mushrooms.