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Look for our South Mill Mushroom Sales ad in this month’s Frozen and Refrigerated Buyer publication.

Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer has the No. 1 position in ad revenues in its market. The award-winning magazine provides information and insights to help its readers distribute, merchandise and sell more frozen and refrigerated products, more profitably. South Mill grows in excess of 75 million pounds of mushrooms annually in our company owned and operated farms in the Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. As a vertically integrated producer, we maintain total control over both supply and quality. Anticipating an ever-competitive business environment, and understanding the importance of efficiency in all areas of the business. South Mill caters to the desires of our customers by providing Fresh, Frozen, Roasted, and Blanched mushrooms.

South Mill invested in a production expansion project that implemented state-of-the-art technology being utilized successfully in Europe. This cutting edge technology ensures that South Mill will maintain an even greater production capacity with a more consistent quality product. Our cutting-edge equipment and processes provide IQF mushrooms in any dimensional configuration or pack size desired by our customers. White mushrooms, portabellas, creminis, and exotics, both organic or non-organic, are all available to our IQF customers. Additionally, we can custom freeze other food and produce items for packers and growers who require seasonal overflow capacity or consistent year-round packing support. This division has been readily accepted by the trade. For customers in all food segments, including soup or sauce manufacturers, pizza or center of the plate manufacturers, and ingredient blenders, our freezing and processing operation provides a finished product specification customized to their requirement. We look forward to doing business with you.

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