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Employee Spotlight: Dennis Melrath


Dennis Melrath has been a part of our South Mill family for the past 20 years. Born in Lancaster PA, Dennis was raised on his father’s mushroom farm in Oxford. He attended Oxford High School, and after graduating from Lincoln University with a degree in Math and Education, he took over his father’s mushroom farm; which he then operated for 20 years. Dennis thoroughly enjoys the challenge of growing mushrooms. He says that each mushroom house has its own personality and believes that the process is similar to raising kids – each one with its own quirks. As expected with Dennis’ knowledge, he is often the designated tour guide for our visitors who are interested in learning about mushroom growing. Dennis currently resides in Lancaster County with his wife, Dana, and his 3 children. He also enjoys spending time with his 10 grandchildren, who live close by.  He also likes photography and is an avid gardener. Throughout the summer, Dennis shares his beautiful flowers for all to enjoy. Thank you for your dedication to South Mill, Dennis.