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Chemical Safety

Hazard Communication or Chemical Safety is one of OSHA’s top workplace safety priorities. This is one reason why this standard is termed the “Employee’s Right to Know” standard. Workers have a right to know the hazards of the chemicals they use or are exposed to in the workplace. It is important to read product labels so that you are aware of the hazards of the chemicals contained in the product. OSHA has developed pictograms, which can be found on labels. These pictograms represent the various chemical hazards of the product. Chemical manufacturers are required to produce Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all products that they produce. SDSs have a globally-understand format so that the product’s chemical information can be readily found on the SDS. Chemical safety is not just important at work, but is important at home as well. Please use chemicals safely. Always follow the directions on the label and wear the proper safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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