Mushroom Wholesale & Retail

Are you looking to purchase Shrooms mushroom snacks or Champs fresh mushrooms?

South Mill Champs offers a variety of mushroom products for both consumers and wholesale partners.

Buy Fresh Mushrooms

Consumers can find our high-quality, fresh mushrooms at the following retail stores.
More stores are being added every month so please check back often!

Where to Buy Fresh Mushrooms:


Where to buy Shroom Snacks in Retail Stores:

Buy Mushroom Snacks Online

Are you a consumer looking to buy Shrooms Mushroom Snacks and Drinks online? You’re in the right place! Simply visit our website store and start shopping for healthy, delicious mushroom snacks and coffees.


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Wholesale Mushroom Partnerships

For our existing partners, Shrooms Snacks wholesale purchases can be made through Kehe and Unfi.

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Are you looking to become a Wholesale Mushroom partner? Contact us for details.

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