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Our mushrooms are in the produce aisle of your favorite grocery store right now! We have Distribution Centers across the country and with farms on both the East and West coast of North America, you can count on that just-picked freshness.

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White Mushrooms:

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Exotic Mushrooms:

Oyster Mushrooms
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Beech Mushrooms
Maitake Mushrooms
Enoki Mushrooms
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Food Service Products

Food service trends indicate that mushroom are booming with menu options increasing by 43% over the past six years. Mushroom usage for the food service category is at approximately 270 million pounds annually, with a yearly growth rate of 8%. South Mill Champs has responded to the fast-moving demands of food service operators throughout the country by offering product selections and programs that are competitively unsurpassed in the areas of customized packing specifications and value-added convenience. This allows us to partner with commercial kitchens and food manufacturers to get them exactly what they want, when they want it.

Our mushrooms proudly top pizza pies for several premier chains, as well as for many high-profile, regional chains. This segment of the business has grown to a retail sales market of over $40 billion.

IQF Products

South Mill Champs’ state-of-the art equipment and processes provide Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) mushrooms in any dimensional configuration or pack size requested by customers. White mushrooms, portabellas, criminis, and exotics, both organic or non-organic, are all available to our IQF customers. Additionally, South Mill Champs can custom freeze other food and produce items for packers and growers who require seasonal overflow capacity or consistent year-round packing support.

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Fire Roasting & Blanching

Thanks to the recent installation of a cutting-edge fire roaster & griller, South Mill Champs offers customers an expanded line of finished foods. These options provide a unique flavor profile to the expanded list of produce items that can be accommodated by this technology. The “roasted/grilled” category is a rapidly developing market targeted to the needs of those chefs or manufacturers looking for a unique flavor profile.

South Mill Champs Blancher unit is the newest in hot water blanching technology, allowing precise control of water temperature and dwell time to specifically deliver on the requirements of our customers’ individual item specifications. Positioned in-line with our IQF process flow we deliver production efficiency, whether your item is sliced, diced or whole in any size configuration. Contact South Mill Champs for custom product processing solutions.



South Mill Champs has created an innovative and delicious line of better-for-you mushroom snacks and drinks called Shrooms! Discover the unique, mind-blowing flavors of Shrooms mushroom Crisps, Jerky and Coffee. Each come in a variety of mind-blowing, savory flavors and are low fat, low sodium, and cholesterol free.

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