C-me Employee Consent

C-me Implementation

Fundamental to our Managing Excellence Framework is our successful implementation and ongoing use of C-me colour profiling across the organization.  Certain employees will be invited to participate in the C-me program.  Each participant will complete a questionnaire and may participate in meetings with C-me consultants and/or SMC facilitators who have received training in the C-me program.  A C-me colour profile for each participant shall be generated based on this information (example in image of email signature below).


Communication Tools & Data

Individualized C-me ‘C’s will be added to a participant’s email signature, helping to support effective communication and adoption of a common leadership language.  This is aligned to two of the fundamental values of SMC, being authentic and inspiring our teams.

Access to an explanation of the best tools for communication with a participant will be provided to SMC employees (and, potentially in the future, external parties).  This will be generic, but the individualized icon will show which tendencies the individual has and will indicate the most effective and ineffective methods of communicating with that participant.

The data can also be used in many other useful ways such as presenting team dynamics, supporting recruitment, engagement, and retention.

In addition to the generic C-me explanations, icons and ‘C’s, C-me creates personalized report. The content of these reports is dependent on how an individual answers the C-me questionnaire. C-me has over 40,000 statements which relate to the following areas of behavior: communication preferences, resilient strengths, areas for development, blind statements, remote working preferences, handling setbacks, team contribution, enabling engagement, role agility and sales. Based upon how an individual answers the questionnaire, C-me’s algorithm pulls from its pool of statements and generates a personalized report which could cover the above areas.

SMC employees will have access to their personalized report on C-me’s online platform, C-me Live, and certain information derived from the reports shall be accessible to SMC employees.


I voluntarily agree, and provide this consent, to participate in the communication profile program (“SMC-me”) operated by my employer (the “Company”) and the South Mill Champs group of companies (“SMC”) in partnership with C-me Profiling consultants, including the collection, storage, use and/or disclosure of my personal information for any purpose reasonably required for managing my employment with the Company, including the SMC-me program. The SMC-me program is one of the tools used to ensure that we can successfully retain and develop our unique culture, SMC DNA, as well as grow as an organization and strive to meet our organizational mission and goal.

To effectively operate the SMC-me program, and to facilitate your personal participation and development, the Company and SMC need to collect, use, store and disclose your personal information, including for aspects and purposes set out in the preceding C-me summary (including for participation in the third-party C-me services). This information may include identifiers; personal information; audio, electronic, visual or similar information; professional or employment-related information; education information; and inferences made by evaluating these categories of information to create a profile about you.

I understand that the collection, storage, use and disclosure of my personal information is subject to applicable privacy and security legislation and any applicable SMC employee personal information policies.

In certain jurisdictions, I understand that I have the right to access such information, as well as the right to request corrections to my personal information where it is inaccurate, subject to applicable law and the Company’s review and agreement.  I understand that I can obtain more information about my rights from the Company and from any applicable SMC employee personal information policies.

I also understand that I may, at any time, withdraw my consent to the Company’s further collection, storage, use and disclosure of my personal information by providing reasonable notice to the Company in writing. This notice should be emailed to c-me@southmill.com and will be effective upon receipt.

I also voluntarily agree and consent to the Company disclosing my personal information as required or permitted by law, or to third parties that provide the Company with goods and services related to managing my employment relationship, or that provide other goods and/or services in connection with my employment relationship. These third parties are subject to applicable personal information privacy and protection legislation and may further have contractual privacy and security obligations to the Company.   These third parties/services include C-me Profiling consultants and other consulting or contracted support services related to my employment relationship with the Company or as otherwise required or permitted by law.  I understand that such third-party services are reasonably required for the management of my employment relationship.

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