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Customer Update: South Mill Champs and the Coronavirus Outbreak

South Mill Champs response to the Coronavirus outbreak and additional safety protocols that have been in place at our facilities since the beginning of March.

To the South Mill Champs Customers and Partners,

For over 80 years we have been responsible members of the communities we grow our mushrooms  in. As we face the coronavirus outbreak, we are committed to remain stewards of our communities while also focusing on the health and safety of our employees and partners. To this end, our response to the outbreak includes responsible and proactive measures deployed by our crisis management team in an effort to mitigate the risk of spreading the infection in our operations and our communities.

To reduce the probability of introducing the virus into our operations we have:

  • implemented strict quarantine rules across our organization for employees who may be exposed;
  • canceled all non-essential business travel by our employees, and any employees who have traveled domestically or internationally for any reason are required to self-quarantine for an assessment period;
  • implemented protocols to significantly restrict access to our facilities by visitors.

To mitigate the risk of cross contamination within our facilities, we have also:

  • significantly increased our already robust sanitation protocols, including sanitation and hygiene training;
  • increased the frequency of sanitation of commonly touched spaces, and availability of disinfectant stations throughout our facilities;
  • increased the use of personal protective equipment beyond normal food industry protocols;
  • eliminated in-person cross functional meetings and employee movement across our operations;
  • made work-from-home a requirements for employees whose functions make this a viable option.

We have also implemented our contingency plans in case one or more of our employees is infected with the virus or our supply chain becomes disrupted. These include, but are not limited to, segregation of employees and shifts within our growing and packing operations, rotating stoppages for rigorous deep cleaning procedures, and diversification of our key ingredient supply chains should our suppliers be disrupted, wherever possible.

Our crisis management team will continue to assess recommendations by the WHO, the CDC, the PHA of Canada, and local and state/provincial health departments and will implement further protocols as appropriate.

You can continue to rely on us to provide you with great tasting, high-quality, mushroom products. We are committed to ensure your supply chain remains safe and uninterrupted.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding our response to the outbreak, please contact us at any time.

Thank you for your continued support,

The South Mill Champs Management Team