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Employee Spotlight: Redouane Lkharz


Redouane Lkharz, also known as Red, is Assitant Manager in Lean Production. He has been a part of our South Mill family for the past 7 years! Born in Morroco, Redouane migrated to the United States with his wife in 2005, looking for the American Dream. Since then, he has accomplished his dream: he had 3 beautiful daughters; bought a house; began working for South Mill; and gained American citizenship. Redouane likes South Mill’s friendly atmosphere, his fellow employees’ great work ethic, and that everyone is treated like an important part of the Company. Red has two favorite past times – playing soccer and spending time with his daughters. Thank you for being such a great team member, Red!


What are your hobbies?

  • Red loves to play soccer and is on a team that plays on Saturdays. When he is not kicking a ball, his other favorite pastime is to spend the day with his 3 beautiful daughters.

Do you have any family who also work here?

  • His has no family members working here.

What do you like most about working here?

  • He likes the friendly atmosphere; everyone is hard working; and everyone is treated as an important part of the Company.

Where are you from?

  • Born in Morocco.


After teaching in Morocco for 11 years, Redouane came to the United States with his wife in 2005 looking for the American Dream. Since he arrived, his 3 daughters were born, he started working for South Mill, he bought a house, and in 2011, he and his wife became American citizens together. His dream realized!