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Employee Spotlight: Kamal Foughali


Kamal Foughali has been a part of the South Mill family for the past 6 months. Born in Morocco and fluent in Berber, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Kamal studied Food Agriculture at the University of Marakeesh and worked for awhile in tourism at a golf course. After Kamal moved to Dubai, he began managing a restaurant, a position he had for several years before moving to Spain. During his time in Spain, he worked as a machine operator in a box factory. At some point, he returned to Morocco to marry, and then him and his wife both returned to Spain. They applied for residency in the United States through a lottery program. Fortunately, they were picked and eventually made their way to this area; where his wife’s brother, Redouane lives in Delaware and works at South Mill. Redouane, who works in our Growing Department supporting continuous improvement and quality assurance, recommended Kamal. Since last December Kamal has been working as an operator for the processing line at the IQF facility. We are glad that Kamal found his way to the United States and to South Mill. Kamal enjoys working with his colleagues, they treat him well and are enjoyable co-workers. During his free time, Kamal enjoys going on car trips and visiting new places with his wife.