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All in the Family

Rigoberto, from the Lemus clan, has been the family member working for us the longest, since 2002. “Rocky”, as he is better known, is an Operator in our Phase 1 Compost facility. Enrique, his cousin, came to South Mill in 2008. Since then, one by one, more members of the Lemus family have become our employees. Jose, a nephew, is now a Supervisor in Packing, where his aunt, Maria and his cousin, Luis work. Enrique, another nephew, is a Supervisor in Shipping, where his cousin Jose Manuel works as well. Their cousin, Randy, works in Research in our Growing Department and another cousin, Salud, is our Food Safety Technician. We are glad that their paths led them all to South Mill from Ojos de Agua, outside of Moroleón, Guanajuato!