A Collective 150 years

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Jim Robinson, who retired from South Mill in 2008, stopped by John’s office one day while John was meeting with Vince and Mark. The perfect photo opportunity presented itself!!! The four gentlemen here (from left to right – Vince Versagli, Jim Robinson, John Pia and Mark Moran) have a collective tenure with the Company of nearly 150 years. While they are all old-timers, the award for the oldest of the old-timers goes to Jim Robinson who began his career with the company over 50 years ago. Jim worked side by side with Louis Pia, the father of John and Mike. These gentlemen have played significant roles in shaping our Company over the years. Working through some of the tough times in the Company’s history and finding the best possible solutions have created what the Company is today. We take our hats off to all four of you gentlemen for your meaningful contributions to the growth of Kaolin Mushroom Farms and South Mill Mushroom Sales!