Porta Béla Crispy Mushroom Snacks and Minute Mushrooms

Porta Béla Crispy Mushroom Snacks and Minute Mushroom products are made from delicious fresh mushroom grown on our North American farm.

Mushroom Creations, Responsibly Grown

Since 1982 we have grown and developed amazing mushroom-based foods for the nation’s top retailers and America’s best restaurants!

Porta Béla Crispy Mushroom Snacks

These snacks are perfect as a crunchy salad crouton, soup topper; or an on the go vegetarian snack to help nourish your body.

Porta Bela Crisps

To those who want to satisfy their craving for unique, delicious, and better-for-you food. Porta Béla snacks are convenient, savory mushroom creations that deliver an authentic and adventurous taste.

Minute Mushrooms

With over one daily serving of veggies in every bag, Minute Mushrooms are a convenient way to add vegetables to your meal and amp up the taste of any recipe.

Delicious marinated mushrooms, made with fresh mushrooms responsibly grown right on our own farm. These heat-and-serve bags take only one minute in the microwave. All flavors are vegetarian, low carb, low sugar, and a great source of potassium.

Porta Béla Crispy Mushroom Product Ingredients

Mushrooms are the foundation of everything we do, so we carefully grow each and every mushroom we use in our foods. We get our milk, cream and butter from cows that graze grass on small family farms near our kitchens. Our eggs are raised cage free. And, with the help of a network of partners across America, we use our favorite ingredients, often grown in dedicated fields and just-picked. Making our products this way requires considerably more work and skill than traditional foods made with flavorings and colorings, but we think it’s worth it.

The Porta Béla Community Partners

It takes a community of people to build great foods from the ground up. Growers, producers, suppliers, makers. We’ve always worked with many partners to help us make Porta Béla products the way we want to make them, and these relationships have enabled us to do what no other company has done before us. We believe we get higher quality ingredients when we know and have a personal relationship with the people we’re buying them from; so we buy direct whenever we can.

About the Porta Béla Farm


Soil Health

Healthy soil is essential for nutritious crops. We prepare our composting completely indoors using 100% agricultural by products, under a controlled atmosphere. Environmentally friendly and operationally efficient.


We reduce air pollution and conserve energy. We grow entirely indoors. Our grow houses are heated with 100% natural gas.


We reduce air pollution and conserve energy. We grow entirely indoors. Our grow houses are heated with 100% natural gas.


Farmworker Welfare

Our farming practices create better working conditions. We reduce pesticide risks, provide protective equipment and we participate in third-party auditing programs to promote safe conditions and fair compensation.



Clean, plentiful fresh water is essential to agriculture and human health. We trend and graph our water usage. This allows us to analyze usage, spot trends and identify new opportunities to save. In addition to our routine monitoring, by design, we are extremely water efficient. All water used in growing and composting is recaptured and reused.


Pest Management

Responsibly Grown illustrates our commitment to reduce pesticide use and its risks to consumers, farmworkers, wildlife and the environment.

Where to Buy Porta Béla Mushroom Products

Our Porta Béla Mushroom Products are available for retail or wholesale purchase with one of our many partners across the United States.


Mushroom Creations, Responsibly Grown

Porta Bela Crisps

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