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Mushroom Creations.
Responsibly Grown.

Flavor your favorite dishes with amazing South Mill Champs fresh mushrooms. Bursting with savory flavor and powerful nutritional benefits, this delicious superfood is sprouting up on menus everywhere. Mushroom creations await you and your palette.

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90 Years of Mushroom Experience

Growing mushrooms has been a passion of South Mill Champs since Louie Pia began farming nearly 90 years ago. With a long, rich heritage, he knew the taste and value of mushrooms in traditional Italian cooking and wanted to bring those same qualities to families in America. Today, South Mill Champs is a leader among the largest growers in North America. We cultivate delicious mushrooms that nourish and deliver uncompromising authenticity—qualities that guide everything we do. From our own farms to your fingers, we ensure our mushrooms are responsibly grown to reduce our impact on our precious environment.

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Shrooms Snacks & Coffee

South Mill Champs has created an innovative and delicious line of better-for-you mushroom snacks and coffee called Shrooms! Discover unique, mind-blowing flavors of Shrooms mushroom Crisps and Jerky. Each come in a variety of delicious, savory flavors and are low fat, low sodium, and cholesterol free.

And, be sure to try our new mushroom coffee. Our delicious instant coffee blends are made from superfood mushrooms and USDA-certified organic Arabica coffee. Each of our three delicious flavors deliver specific health benefits and functions: Be Well with Reishi, Energize with Cordyceps, Focus with Lion’s Mane.

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Mushroom Products

Food Service Solutions

With growing operations on the east and west coasts, we distribute fresh mushrooms to more than 40 major markets across the continent. And, as one of the largest growers in North America, South Mill Champs provides a full range of custom food-service solutions: IQF, fresh slided, diced, grilled, sautéed, and blanched.

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