Employee Spotlight: Gilberto Mondragon

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Gilberto Mondragon has been a part of our South Mill family for the past 15 years! Gilberto is from Mexico and migrated to the U.S. at the age of 18 when his father worked at a nearby mushroom farm. Gilberto ended up working at South Mill as a Harvester in 2002, and 6 months later, transferred to the Shipping Department, when the Manager there asked him if he wanted to work as his Assistant. That was 15 years ago and Gilberto is still there. Three years ago, the Manager was promoted to another department and Gilberto was then promoted to his position. Gilberto really enjoys his job and is in currently in charge of 24 people in his Department. He enjoys leading his group and applying the experience he acquired, after having performed all the jobs over the years. He has wrapped pallets, loaded trucks, and managed a produce warehouse for us. He likes to stay busy; enjoys buying and selling mushrooms, and understands all the ins and outs of how sales and shipping come together. He believes that anything is possible if you believe in yourself; have a goal, and work hard! Five years ago, he became an American citizen – and 4 months later, he bought a house. Another American dream fulfilled. In his free time, Gilberto enjoys working in his garden and spending time with his wife and 3 children. Thank you for being a valuable member of our team, Gilberto!