National Agricultural Statistic Service

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The National Agricultural Statistic Service (NASS) is responsible for conducting monthly and annual surveys and preparing official USDA data and estimates of production, supply, prices, and other information necessary to maintain orderly agricultural operations.

According to this information the value of the 2014 Agaricus crop rose to 1.15 billion dollars, a 10% increase over 2013 with production rising 6% to 953 million pounds. About 90% of the Agaricus crop was sold to the fresh market.

Pennsylvania was a the largest producer of mushrooms, accounting for 63% of the nation’s production and California being second with 11%. The production of specialty mushrooms (which includes Oysters, Shiitake, etc.) grew by 21% to 22.5 Million pounds. For organic mushrooms, there was only 4% certified sales while the volume produced was 40% more than the previous year.

There was approximately 17% Brown mushroom sales of the total Agaricus volume and 21% of the value.

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