Select Soil Drivers

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Congratulations to the select soil drivers aka. Team Soils! Tim Wilson, Juan Avila, and Jeff Rhodes work safely as a team to manage the removal of over 100 loads per week – every week, of all our spent mushroom compost – company-wide! They have been working together for so long, they instinctively know the best ways to dispose of our compost, whether it is to local farmers fields, soil manufactures, or to our storage pad during rainy days when getting into fields is not an option. They operate fluidly and with little fanfare – they just get the job done! More importantly, they are driving very heavy trucks over uneven grounds, where many problems could occur with unseasoned drivers. They start early in the morning and take care of their area of responsibility on a 7 day per week basis. They are a safe team, a hard-working team, and a very dependable team – we are glad and fortunate to have them on-board. Thank you gentlemen.

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