Over 30 Club Jesus Hernandez Zavala

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The Kennett Growing Department gathered with a cake and gifts on Friday, October 23, to wish a happy retirement to Jesus Hernandez Zavala, a waterman. and longtime employee of Kaolin, who began working for us on March 5, 1991. As a result of his many years at Kaolin, he was able to bring his family over from Mexico and eventually, become a US citizen. He was a first class waterman throughout his years here, in addition to performing all the other tasks involved in growing mushrooms. Although he has had many supervisors during his long stay at Kaolin, when asked he will tell you that Tom Crowl was his first and favorite boss. Most recently, you could find Jesus every morning at 7:00 carefully and respectfully, raising the American flag in front of the main office and every afternoon at 4:00, dutifully lowering and folding the flag; making sure to never let it touch the ground. We already miss him.

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