Produce Products from around the world!

Retail Products

Whites, Portobella, Shiitake. We got em all!South Mill’s retail products and services have a demonstrated reputation of superior quality and consistent supply throughout the industry. Frequent communication with our retail partners enables our company to respond quickly to market fluctuations with customized products and programs reflecting both our customer’s commitment to excellence and our ability to assist them in growing mushroom categories profitably. With the ultimate goal of growing category awareness, South Mill proudly custom packs private label lines for many premier retailers in the United States. We are very proud of achieving “Superior” performance ratings on all of our facility / food safety AIB Audits.

Our state-of-the-art growing and packing facilities, quality assurance controls and seamless distribution facility network insure South Mill’s products arrive at their destination with that “just-picked” freshness, making our customer’s stores distinctive destination categories for mushrooms and much more. Many “grower/shippers” buy their speciality mushrooms from wholesalers, or local brokers. South Mill grows its Cremini, Portabella and white mushroom needs from its own farms. Custom packs, and or custom cuts or processes are an “every-day” occurrence, providing the customer unique differentiation that may benefit their clientele, or geographic location/market.

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Chances are, we’ve played a role in your dining experience!

Foodservice trends indicate that mushroom menu options have increased by 43% over the past six years and represent mushroom usage for the foodservice category at approximately 270 million pounds annually, with a yearly growth rate of 8% (The Mushroom Council, 2000). South Mill has responded to the fast-moving demands of foodservice operators throughout the country by offering product selections and programs that are competitively unsurpassed in the areas of customized packing specifications, and value added convenience, resulting in the satisfaction of varying culinary needs from the white table cloth chef to the component-based QSR manager. We are particularly proud of the roll we have developed in supplying the ever-growing pizza industry. With this segment of the business growing to 70,000 units nationwide by 2012, and with a retail sales market of 40 billion dollars (Pizza Today), South Mill’s products proudly continue to grow in popularity as they top pies for several premier chains, as well as for many high profile regional pizza chains.

Our facilities and processes are continuously self-monitored and also regularly audited by the AIB (American Institute of Baking), a well-respected, independent association widely recognized for their high standards. We are proud of our record of consistently scoring in the 97 percentile, and achieving 10 years of uninterrupted “Superior” performance ratings on all of our facility AIB Audits.

International Produce

Produce Sourced From All Around The World!

South Mill imports and markets selected produce, imported from the finest growing regions in the world. Through this expanded portfolio of food products, our foodservice customers can manage their categories more efficiently with one-stop perishable buying in a variety of sizes and packages to suit both front and back of the house culinary specifications.

The benefits of these diversified partnerships throughout the world provide our customers flexibility and variety in managing their perishable categories through carefully selected and consistently supplied produce items that offer efficient and profitable, one-stop shopping for internationally sourced produce.

By being flexible in our approach to secure off-shore produce, South Mill is willing to commit to unique grower-shipper relationships. Programs including fixed pricing contracts, advanced funding for planting and harvesting costs, long-term purchase order obligations for the purchase of products committed, or any other option that will ensure a steady supply of products into our distribution network, are all things that South Mill will accommodate on behalf of it grower-shippers.

Processed/IQF Products

Fresh from the Freezer!

New in 2011, our “latest technology” equipment and processes provide IQF mushrooms in any dimensional configuration desired by our customers. White mushrooms, Portabella’s, and cremini’s are all processed for our IQF customers. Additionally, we can custom freeze other food and produce items for packers and growers who require seasonal overflow capacity, or consistent year round packing support.

This division, has been readily accepted by the trade. For customers in all food segments, including soup or sauce manufactures, pizza or center of the plate manufacturers, or ingredient blenders, our freezing and processing operation will provide a finished product specification customized to their requirement.

Brand new in 2012, the installation of a roaster / griller was completed. This provides a very unique flavor profile to the expanded list of produce items that can be accommodated by this technology. The “roasted / grilled” category is a very rapidly developing market, targeted to the need for those chefs or manufactures looking for a unique flavor profile.

For cold or frozen storage, custom freezing services, frozen, fresh, blanched, roasted, or marinated mushrooms contact our sales department @ or by phone at 610-444-4800

Samples, cut sheets, or just good ‘ole’ mushroom advice from lifelong mushroom people, is available to accommodate your search for mushrooms to suit your application.

Industrial / Ingredient

Ingredients For Your Products!South Mill has supplied many manufacturers, most for well over a decade with, fresh, refrigerated blanched, marinated & canned mushrooms for further use in their end products including breaded appetizers, sauces, soups and entrees. We have complete control over the growing of our mushrooms and as a result of our total vertical integration have the ability to consistently supply, grade, sort, size, slice, dice and wash our mushrooms to a customer’s exact specifications. Our continuous investment into our core strengths, as a grower and producer of high-quality mushrooms, has assisted us in expanding the commercial segment of our business through customized equipment and product lines serving top processed and prepared food manufacturers throughout the country. All plant, equipment, farm practices, packing and processing levels are under full compliance with a company-wide GAP and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Program.

Mushrooms “All Ways” for the industrial industrial. Fresh, frozen, brined, blanched, grilled or roasted, we can provide small regional manufactures with the same quality and competitive pricing we can offer the multi-national customers. From %# boxes, to 1,200 industrial totes, the production line efficiencies can be accommodated by custom packaging options available from South Mill. Customized products and formulations allow access to industry segments that were previously unaddressed by mushroom suppliers.